The variety of Goldendoodle colors

Goldendoodles come in a variety of colors. What many people assume is that they are all GOLD! Nope! A goldendoodle can actually be many colors! Why? Because the Poodle has such a wide variety of color genes in its genetic scope. Goldendoodles can be of any color and have any marking. There is no such thing as a "rare" colored Goldendoodle dog. The most popular color in a goldendoodle is apricot...with cream being being third and we have found that Black is the least popular color of all colors in a Goldendoodle and We can not figure out why! A black Goldendoodle (nicknamed "Nictendoodle" by our doodle world) is very gorgeous! They are the very same dog as the lighter colored doodles. It is very sad to see so many people disregard a dog just because of its color or marking.
We see many dogs of various breeds who are black, be picked over for the lighter colors. Those who do this miss out on the beauty of owning a very gentle, loving, family-oriented, shaggy low shedding dog who would do just about anything you ever asked of it...just to please its owner! Many fantastic dogs are over-looked based on color or gender and I think this is a down-right shame.

Since creating the Goldendoodle in 1999, we have seen a huge variety of colors! The following are the colors we have personally observed, to date:

*Apricot (light and dark)
*Silver Frost
*Silver phantom
*Parti colors
*Apricot with black tips
*Black and tan
*Black with white markings
*Red phantom
*Silver phantom with gold hues

Goldendoodles can also have varied colored eyes! We have personally observed Goldendoodles with blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, amber eyes and multi-colored eyes such as having one blue eye/one green eye or one blue eye/one brown eye. Goldendoodles can have markings anywhere on their coat. This is very common. Be wary of any breeder who claims they have "rare" colored or "rare" marked Goldendoodles. This means they are very inexperienced and are not familiar with their Poodles pedigree and lineage.

Suri. A tri-colored toy sized Goldendoodle