About blue eyed Goldendoodles

Blue eyed Goldendoodles

One of our clients recently said it best, " people still can't believe we have a goldendoodle with blue eyes. They truly are one of kind!"

About blue eyed Goldendoodles - The World of Goldendoodles
Indeed, blue eyed Goldendoodles are truly one of a kind. Our first blue
eyed Goldendoodle was born to us in 2005. We named her Star Burst.
We also kept her brother who was born with green eyes. Since 1999, we
had only seen a handful of light eyed Goldendoodles born to us and we
were thrilled that we had several light eyed doodles in a single litter.

We then placed Amber in our breeding program. We were once more thrilled to see a couple more doodles born with blue eyes. "Camper" (photo to the left) is a very special blue eyed Goldendoodle. She was purchased by her new family from us as a tribute to their late
brother, Jonathan, who passed away unexpectedly. Camper has, indeed, turned into a beautiful blue eyed doodle who has also stayed on the small side. She is a cream, curly coat and her coloring along with those brilliant blue eyes are something to behold. We were very glad that her family sent us additional photos of her just recently.

Goldendoodles come in all sizes and unfortunately due to erroneous doodle information over the internet, many assume that Goldendoodles are like purebred dogs in that they come in several "size categories". However, they do not. Goldendoodles DO come in all sizes, but they are a hybrid dog and can literally have various sized puppies in any given litter regardless of the size of the parents. With the Goldendoodle hybrid, their entire lineage plays a 100 percent role in what size they turn out to be. With Camper, she turned out to stay on the smaller side and we have come to learn through experience that Goldendoodles seem to stay closer to size to their littermates when they come out of other pairings than a 50/50 mix. For example, when we breed a Poodle to a Goldendoodle, we've seen the offspring stay closer in size to each other than when we breed a Poodle to a Golden Retriever. But we also will then see predominantly curly coats rather than either a mixture of curly coat and shaggy coat or just shaggy coats.

About blue eyed Goldendoodles - The World of Goldendoodles
Star Burst (photo to the left) was our first blue eyed Goldendoodle and here we are in 2009 with another litter of blue eyed babies. Since 1999, we've only had fewer than 10 Goldendoodles born to us with blue eyes.......so indeed, they are one of a kind. No other breeder has blue eyed Goldendoodles and for now, they remain exclusive to us as a Goldendoodle breeder. In October of 2008, we bred one of our purebred Golden Retrievers, Jayda, to Star Dust......a male curly coat Goldendoodle with beautiful blue eyes who is also a small doodle. He weighs approx. 35-38 pounds. Because we had bred one of our Goldendoodles, Mara, to Star Dust back in 2007 and didn't have a single blue eyed doodle born in the litter....we were not sure if we'd be fortunate enough this time around. However, after doing a bit more research on eye color and genetics, I went through my Golden Retriever pedigrees and found that Jayda had several green eyed Goldens in her lineage and I knew this would enhance our chances.
About blue eyed Goldendoodles - The World of Goldendoodles
The most common color of eyes for the Goldendoodle dog is brown eyes. Since 1999, we've had a handful of doodles born to us with green eyes and since 2005, we've had a few born with multi colored eyes...ie...one brown eye/one blue eye or one green eye and one blue eye.....but it is definitely the blue eyed Goldendoodle that is the show-stopper!

Camper was our first cream colored, blue eyed Goldendoodle and I can't tell you how many people fought and clamored over buying her! It was Jonathan's story that filled my heart and I knew immediately that his family was the right family for Camper. She now resides in California and her family is just filled with joy at having her. We appreciate all of the photos that our customers continue to send to us of the Goldendoodles we have placed into their homes and that were born to us. Star Dust (see photo above) is an absolute beauty. He is a light apricot, curly coat.

About blue eyed Goldendoodles - The World of Goldendoodles

We have eight generations of Golden Retrievers. Our original founders were 13 and 15 years of age, when they crossed the rainbow bridge. Our Golden Retrievers have turned out to be extremely healthy, hardy dogs with a very loving temperament. It is of no wonder that our Goldendoodles have such a terrific temperament along with great personalities. We do own several Goldens out of our eight generations, who have green eyes. The fact that our Golden Retrievers carry light eyed genes has enhanced our ability to have further blue eyes and green eyes in our Goldendoodles. Brown eyed Goldendoodles are beautiful too...but this particular blog is just to brag about our blue eyed doodles and tell you how beautiful they are. If you are looking for a canine that you won't find any where else, you should consider a blue eyed doodle or a doodle with multi colored eyes.

About blue eyed Goldendoodles - The World of Goldendoodles
Our newest litter, which is the FIRST litter we've had since July of 2008.....which was our green eyed chocolate doodles....are exceptionally beautiful because they are light apricot and dark apricot in color. So far, all seem to be a shaggy coat. Valentine's day is coming up very soon and we believe these lovely babies will be ready for personal pick up on that day! If you require shipping, we will be letting them leave by Feb. 22nd, 2009.

Make sure to visit our website at
http://www.goldendoodleworld.com to watch videos of these little cuties and to see further photos of them.

Blue eyed goldendoodles by Goldendoodle World
Our puppies are very spoiled and very well cared for. They are groomed inside of my personal grooming shop where we have cute winnie the pooh decals as well as spongy alphabets on our walls. Our Goldendoodle pups are housed inside a safe, temperature controlled home of their own. Please make sure to go to our website at http://www.goldendoodleworld.com to view photos and videos or you can go to our My Space page at http://www.myspace.com/hellodeedee as well as http://www.myspace.com/simplydeedeedee to view more videos and Goldendoodle articles!

Blue eyed goldendoodles by goldendoodle world

We offer more amenities than any other Goldendoodle breeder and of course, we've had entirely more doodle experience than most breeders in the United States. We began our Goldendoodle program in 1999 but we were purebred Golden Retriever breeders in 1996.

Rosebud is a small Standard Poodle by Goldendoodle World

You will find our website the most extensive, comprehensive, educational Goldendoodle website on the internet! Our Goldendoodles come from superb breeding stock. Our Standard Poodles all have extensive champion pedigrees that dates back to the early 1930s. All of our Standard Poodles come out of Wycliffe, Dassin, Eaton and Bel Tor lines. We've researched our dogs' pedigrees quite extensively and spent two years going through their heavily championed lineage. All of the photos ARE of our beautiful dogs that we either still have as well as are photos that our previous clients continue to send to us.

Our Poodles are personally groomed by Goldendoodle World

Every dog is personally groomed by Dee Gerrish as needed, inside of her grooming shop. We are very grateful to all of our very happy clients who continue to this day to submit stories, photos, birthday cards and emails to us regarding their doodles that came right from our home. Make sure to give us a call at 704-278-DOGS (3647) if you are ready to make one of our special doodles a part of your family!

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