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While there are many fanatic Poodle & Golden Retriever breeders and owners out there who put down any type of hybrids, the truth of the matter is that the Goldendoodle is the BEST KEPT SECRET FOR A FAMILY PET! This wonderful hybrid is the best mix anyone could have ever asked for and to this day, their popularity continues to increase. Perhaps it is out of fear that the lovely Goldendoodle will take over and out-rank the Golden Retriever when all is said and done.
Although the Goldendoodle is very adorable, cute, playful and silly....
there will always be those people out there who will put them down and call them "MUTTS" or try and create a reason for them not to exist.

The Goldendoodle is a first hybrid crossing between a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. This hybrid was first created in Australia. The Goldendoodle hybrid has only been in the United States since 1997. The entire reason for this creation was to provide those who were physically challenged, a service dog that had extremely low shedding. Such a canine was needed for those who needed an assistant dog but had allergies that prevented them from being able to own one. Although there is some debate as to whether the Labradoodle or the Goldendoodle was created first, it really doesn't matter. The Goldendoodle is a lovable, hybrid dog that is very family oriented and who makes a terrific family pet! The Goldendoodle dog has three distinct coat types. Shaggy, curly and smooth coat. They can come in all colors and sizes. There are no rare markings or colors regarding the Goldendoodle dog.
Goldendoodles have eyes that are brown, green, amber, blue or multi colored. The most common color of eyes is brown with blue or green eyes not being that common, but quite unique.
The smooth coat Goldendoodle can still be a very low shedding dog providing the breeder uses the correct method of breeding to create the smooth coat doodle. The curly coat is not a coat that sheds any less than the shaggy or smooth coat. Goldendoodles do NOT have to be backbred to keep their shedding to a minimum. A 50/50 mix (Golden Retriever/Poodle combo) is just as low shedding as the curly coat. The smooth coat is just as low shedding as the curly coat providing the offspring comes from two Goldendoodles with a curly coat. The Goldendoodle dog has two temperament types. One temperament type is similar to the Golden Retriever and the other temperament type is similar to the Poodle. Those seeking a Goldendoodle have the highest success rate if their Goldendoodle has a personality similar to the Golden Retriever.

Goldendoodles with a similar temperament as the Poodle dog can be somewhat of a barker; have a higher drive and may not work out for those with young children or who have not ever owned a purebred Poodle. A Goldendoodle that has a personality/temperament similar to the Golden Retriever is more outgoing and more accepting of strangers and usually work out for those who have children of any age.

The Goldendoodle is a very hardy dog overall and can have the same life span as that of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. The Poodle is one of the longest lived dogs of all breeds. The Goldendoodle does require coat maintenence since the majority of doodles have a thick, shaggy coat. The smooth coat Goldendoodle is the easiest to care for with regards to coat maintenence and the curly coat requires more coat maintenence than either the shaggy or the smooth coat. All shaggy coat Goldendoodles have a thick, fluffy coat; Full facial beard as an adult and they have a thick plume tail that rides high up over the back in a slight curl. Their ears usually hang very long and low with hair over hanging the ear. The curly coat is very similar as that of the Poodle with the exception that the curls are more relaxed and not as tight as the curls of the Poodle. The Curly coat Goldendoodle also sports a facial beard but their beard is different since their facial coat has curls from the tip of the nose down to the base of its tail. Hair growing inside of the ear may be more pronounced in the curly coat than that of the shaggy or smooth coat.
The smooth coat Goldendoodle has a similar coat as that of the Golden Retriever with the exception that their coat is very low shedding. They do have some feathering down their legs and under-belly similar to the Golden Retriever but they will have some "fluffy" about the ears and the head or neck. The smooth coat Goldendoodle is completely void of the facial beard and will not sport a plume tail. They may not have alot of feathering about the tail that is a usual trait of the purebred Golden Retriever. Their temperament will be very similar as that of the purebred Golden Retriever.

Naysayers can fuss all they want about this lovely hybrid dog and how interesting to find out that in 2009, the AKC board of directors decided to allow the Goldendoodle and Labradoodle become registered hybrids with their kennel club! I predicted this would happen back in 2007! AKC laughs itself all the way to the bank! I predicted in 2007 that as soon as the popularity rose with the Goldendoodle hybrid, AKC would do an about face and incorporate the designer dogs into their club...and lo and behold, they did!

The GOLDENDOODLE is here to stay and has increased in popularity since they began in the United States in 1997.

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